Chalet Magazine 001

By Chalet


Chalet Magazine is a project we'd been hearing about since it hatched in the minds of fellow NYC roadies David Trumpf and James Stevens. Billed as a quarterly cycling and art publication, the more we heard about the magazine, the more excited we got. And as friends like Emiliano Granado, Justin James King, Matt Seaton, and Phil Penman started to become attached with the project, we could hardly wait any longer.

Fortunately, this week sees the official release of Issue 001 of Chalet, fittingly dedicated to all things NYC. Chalet takes you way behind the scenes of the culture of road racing, mixed in with some actual culture-culture as well. Slightly oversized, and sumptuously printed on a variety of high quality stock, the magazine would be stunning for a title that's a few years old–the fact that it's a maiden issue is remarkable.

Inside you'll get a privileged look at New York and some New Yorkers; racing at Floyd Bennett Field, an interview with Red Hook Crit founder David Trimble, a profile of local framebuilder Johnny Coast, waking up at 5AM with Dan Chabanov, and tons more.

Magazine  |  9" x 14"

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