Made In England

By Matthew Sowter and Ricky Feather


There's no question that England has been at the forefront of the revival of cycling culture during the past decade. From storied companies like Brooks and Reynolds, to newer brands such as Rapha, the English have much to offer. So we were more than pleased to come across this high-quality publication detailing hand-built bicycle pioneers from the UK.

The book was researched and written by Matthew Sowter and Ricky Feather, two frame builders themselves, and this gives the reader a real insider's look at each of the artisans profiled. Including such contemporary builders as Jon Aston, Chas Roberts, Ron Cooper, Ted James and Dave Yates, this appropriately beautiful hardcover (high-quality matte paper, stunning photography) is a vital library addition for those interested in the resurgent hand-built scene in England.

Hardcover | 217 pages | 11" x 11" | Designed by Grid Creative

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