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From graphic arts publisher Nobrow comes one of the coolest "books" we've seen this season.

As an homage to the 2012 Olympics, artist Ugo Gattoni intricately illustrated a bicycle race through the streets of London. But it's unlike any race you've ever seen. Everyone is taking part––pro cyclists, messengers, commuters, moms with kids in tow, and more. The image of the race unfolds (literally) into a 6.5' long, double sided illustration. There's so much going on in Gattoni's precise yet playful artwork, you'll be staring at it for hours.  

A unique publication that any fan of comic art and cycling will enjoy.

About the artist, (from Nobrow):

A recent graduate of one of Paris’ top art schools, Ugo Gattoni wowed the public with an incredible intricate pen drawing measuring approx 10 x 2 meters. His first foray into the London arts scene saw him drawing on the walls of the prestigious Hayward Gallery on London’s South Bank. 

Softcover slipcase | Gatefold illustration |  13" x 6.5 ft

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