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Iconic Climbs Of Colombia Poster Set


We are all familiar with the Brand Name Climbs of Europe™ - Ventoux, Galibier, Sestriere. (We're so familiar with them here at G+D, we even omit the "Mont" or the "Col du".) But there is another hemisphere in cycling south of the equator, where those names carry less weight while others loom large in the minds of fans and racers alike: 

Alto de Minas.

Páramo de Letras.

Alto de la Línea.

These climbs have spelled doom for many a European pro in the past, and their sheer size and length continue to inspire awe today. Cycling Inquisition puts this contrast in stark relief with this amazing new set of prints, each one showing the profile along with key information for these three historic climbs.

The poster set also comes with a few extras: a small, handmade booklet detailing the importance of the climbs, a sticker of a cyclist who has made his name on the slopes, and a piece of coffee-flavored hard candy made by the oldest confectioner in Colombia.

Printed on high-quality, bright white stock  |   11" x 16"  |  Sold as set of 3  |  Ships separately in a tube

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