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Le Tour Des Hommes Intègres


In this reprint of one of the more interesting books in our library, French photographer Marc Gouby brings us beautiful images from the Tour de Burkina Faso in Africa. For us, Faso represents perhaps the most intriguing race on the pro calendar, and we are always keen to see reportage from the event and its environs. Marc's photography is intimate yet respectful, and he lovingly shows the real passion and culture surrounding the sport in Burkina Faso; this compact book gradually draws you into the action.

Limited to a print run of 750, and signed by the author, we are proud to offer this book outside of France.

Includes a 30 minute DVD, with amazing race footage subtitled in English.

Paperback | 148 pages | 6.5" x 6.5" |  Printed in Italy  |  Supplemental DVD 

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