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Vélo: Adventures Of The Peloton


Photobooks are favorites at G+D. We are always on the lookout for original photography, especially when it has to do with contemporary road cycling. So we were pleased to come across this recent hardcover from the UK. With a fitting introduction by our friend Bill Strickland, photographer Andrew Smith's Vélo is nothing if not original. 

Smith's milieu is the Tour de France, but it's the Tour as most of us already experience it, and that is what makes this book so unique. Smith hasn't snuck onto a team bus behind the scenes, or slipped into the peloton on the back of a moto–here he is photographing... the television

The results are a visceral romp through the world's toughest sporting event. Yes there are pictures of sprint finishes and breakaways and echelons and crashes and podium girls. But not as you'd expect. The photos appear page after page like a mash-up of images scraped from the collective consciousness of the world's cycling fans. Many of the pictures are coupled with text, whose lines have surfaced and resurfaced throughout our sport for decades.

The format of this book is also of particular interest.  Presented appropriately in landscape, it is very inviting. The small size engages the reader and is more intimate as a result. We happily dove into this little volume and we were rewarded with an unsettling yet oddly familiar experience that manages to speak to our sport in a entirely new way.

Hardcover | 80 pages | 8.25" x 5"  | Limited printing of 100 copies  |  Signed by the author

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